Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from bots & crawlers, our platform also blocks bad traffic identified with: datacenters, hosting & vps servers, vpn’s, anonymous & private proxies and many more.

Of course, you can target any location you want or several locations per the campaign. You can have your location at any country, region or city in the world.

Of course, you can upgrade and it is very easy and is done via your account. in case you want to upgrade your package mid month, contact our support.

Cloaking is a luxurious and sensitive method, we treat our clients very personally. so, once you become our client, you will enjoy live support via skype, online chat, and access to our tutorials.

Yes, it does, You can run mobile campaigns with our platform and can set device filters for each campaign.

Yes, it does Our cloaking platform supports both the traditional IPV4 & the new IPV6 ips format and we block & monitor fraudulent traffic coming from both types of IPs.

Yes, we block search engine crawlers as they belong to the "hosting provider" category. This essentially means that your website will be delisted from search engines if you block proxies on your website upon page landing.

You can use our platform for all possible niches except illegal ones. For example, we won't allow campaigns that promote: COVID-19 related ads, hacking, phishing, illegal drugs/acts, etc, but we do allow niches such as Diets, Adult Dating, Weight Loss, etc.