Refund Policy provides a non-tangible substantial service and product, and therefore, our Company does not issue refunds at the completion of any payment, the product is already accessed and the user has received the service.

Customers must understand that you are responsible for understanding this fact, after making the purchase of our service and product from our Website or Skype/email.

In spite of this, we genuinely know that some exceptional cases occur relative to the features and attributes of our service and/or product.

Refund requests will be granted if: There is package upgrade or downgrade

If you prefer to get your package upgraded (just monthly-based packages), we will strictly stick to the refund terms herein:

• Upgrades within three (3) days of initial payment: if you want to get your package upgraded within 3 days after the last previous payment, we will issue a complete refund of the previous package payment at the completion of the upgrade and payment.

• Upgrade after three (3) days or upgrades in mid-month: If you want to get your package upgraded three (3) days after you paid for the old package payment, we will prepare a pro-rated refund of the last payment after the upgrade is complete.

• Package Downgrade: If you want to downgrade your package, we will not process refunds or pro-rated refunds.

• Account cancellation: We will not process any refunds if you choose to terminate your account.

Product non-delivery

Since we provide an online service and non-tangible product, and we failed to deliver; which means a subscription link was not sent to you after making payment. Cases like this require you to contact our support, specifying the problem within three (3) days of completing the purchase. We are available for you via Skype or e-mail; we will consider the service as received and active.

No Description of Product

Inform our support when you see a case like this within 5 days of making the purchase. A clear proof should be provided for the purchased service and product, which has no description on our sales page or website ( We will decline complaints that are on the basis of the false wishes or expectation of the clients. Consequently, no false expectations should exist for our service and/or product, and refund requests will not be accepted because of false expectations and/or wishes from customers.

Third Party Incompatibility

Please be informed that we will not be responsible and thus we will not fulfill any return/exchange/refund requests on the basis of incompatibility of the products associated with third-party software with our company (including add-ons, scripts, plug-ins, extensions, modules, servers, search engines, etc.) except the ones that are stipulated as compatible in the description we provided on each product’s preview page. We will not give any guarantee of the compatibility of our products with any third-party programs and we do not provide any supports suitable for third-party applications.

Unresolvable Technical Challenges

This can be related to the difficulty of your server running our software or connecting to the API. This is only applicable to 100 percent of non-operational products or services. This is not applicable to performance challenges.