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Filter. Secure. Monitor.

Stop Competitors, Bots & People Excessively Clicking on Your Ads.

How it works


We monitor the IP address, device, network type and numerous other data.


Our AI powered algorithms differentiates real visitors from fraudsters and bots.


Once our algorithm detects the fraudsters or bots they will no longer be serverd with your ad.


Advanced Filtering/Cloaking

Cloakerly employs advanced mathematical and computing algorithms to assess the likelihood of an IP being a proxy/VPN/bad IP.

Geo Targeting

Easily target any geo location when crafting campaigns with our versatile platform's customizable options for precise audience reach.

Real-Time Detection

Our platform not only blocks bots but also filters out bad IPs from VPNs, virtual servers, proxies, and crawlers, ensuring comprehensive protection against malicious traffic.

Traffic Sources Compatibility

supports all major paid networks, providing versatile compatibility for comprehensive protection across various advertising platforms.

IPv4 and IPv6 Support

Cloakerly supports both traditional IPv4 and advanced IPv6 addressing protocols, ensuring comprehensive coverage and compatibility for diverse network environments.

Scripts Provided

We offer scripts tailored for PHP, WordPress, and HTML/JavaScript websites, accompanied by integration instructions for seamless implementation.

Page Protection

Safeguard your pages from spyware parsing and unauthorized direct access with robust security measures, ensuring data integrity and user privacy.

Speed & Accuracy

Cloakerly effortlessly manages millions of daily clicks with precision, reliably identifying and blocking malicious IPs, VPNs, and proxies for seamless protection.

Referrer Spoofing

Shield your traffic source from Affiliate networks using our advanced referrer spoofing module, ensuring enhanced privacy and security for your campaigns.

URL Rotation

Elevate affiliate marketing impact. Rotate URLs for traffic distribution, test landing pages, manage traffic, and maximize revenue with dynamic distribution.


Get Actionable Data

Track data points of each impression, visit, click and conversion. Get extensive, real-time reporting from all of your traffic sources.

Easily Scalable

Cloakerly generates real-time reports in under 2s, on average. No matter how much traffic you throw at us, we’ll handle it.

Block Bots

Use the built in Anti-Fraud Protection to identify suspicious behavior. Block the bot traffic source.

Don't Lose Money

Avoid click loss and wasted traffic thanks to 100% uptime and the fastest redirects in under 2ms.

Automate Your Work

Join thousands of affiliates who achieve an average 30% higher ROI just by automating their optimization with our AI tools.

Quick Setup

We'll help you make the transition to PeerClick hassle-free. 24/7 chat available.

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